6 Tools to Find an Influencer (Continued)  

Yôo, dedicated to micro-influencers  

With over 20,000 micro-influencers registered, Yôo is an intuitive tool that supports A to Z management of influence marketing campaigns. The Yôo teams offer platform members a creative brief based on the project and the brand’s objectives, select the most relevant influencers, make contact, carry out regular follow-up and design a campaign end report. Yôo also provides companies with tools to achieve all these steps independently, the main advantage being that influencers apply directly to campaigns. 

Kolsquare, Influencer Database  

Kolsquare collects data from more than 1 million international influencers to enable brands to make the best choice and get their contact information. The tool also supports the implementation of contracts and proposes performance indicators at the end of the campaign.  

Influence 4 You, influential agency and marketing platform  

Depending on its needs and resources, a brand can choose Influence 4 You to outsource an influence marketing campaign (total support thanks to the support of a project manager) or to carry out independent campaign management while saving time thanks to the tools for finding influencers, linking, administrative management, statistical monitoring and compensation. 

Hivency, specialized in product placement campaigns  

Referencing the influencers of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle market, and more mainly the instagrammers. The particularity of the Hivency platform is to propose a credit system rather than a remuneration to the influencers for the realization of campaigns with brands. 

How to define an influence marketing strategy?  

As sought-after personalities and conscious of their impact and negotiating power, influencers are real trading partners. As with any marketing strategy, prior preparation is required before contacting an influencer.  

Define your goals and budget  

As a first step, set the objectives of the campaign; these will guide the message you want to spread and will be decisive in the choice of the influencer, such as between an Instagram influencer or a YouTube influencer. This can include getting more visibility for your business, for a specific campaign, or for one of your products or services. In this case, it will be necessary to target influencers with a large community or even realizing product placement. The objective of your influence marketing campaign may also be to generate leads, for example by downloading content, or to create conversion, with a promotional offer if necessary. An influencer accustomed to posting very commercial content, to carrying out product tests, to organizing contests, to recommending content, may then be more appropriate regarding this objective. 

The budget is then an essential component of your influence marketing strategy. To define it, a market study will be necessary to know the prices charged by influencers, according to their notoriety, the type of campaign, the platform used. For example, travel influencers have the highest rates, with an average of $5,000 per post created with a brand. 

Ensure consistency between your audience and your influencer  

Authenticity is an important factor in the success of an influence marketing campaign. It is now clear that consumers are becoming more and more aware and that there is a crisis of confidence with brands offering content that is too commercial. This is also true in the world of influence marketing. The more obvious and natural the collaboration between your brand and the influencer, the better the campaign will be.