Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad, And The Straight-Up Weird Part Of It: Part 4

Another downside for the influencer is that oftentimes when an influencer is doing a sponsored post way too many, their followers might be uninterested in them anymore because the influencer is now more focused on selling stuff rather than building a connection with their followers. This type of marketing strategy is very fragile, but oftentimes it creates a lot of benefits both for the business and the influencer. Not to mention, with the nature of social media and trends, especially now in the middle of a pandemic, everyone is glued to their devices looking at their social media feed, so it is a great opportunity for brands to start doing influencer marketing now.

Another side of influencer marketing that might seem odd is when a government is doing influencer marketing to promote their country to attract foreign tourists to come to their country to spend their holiday. However, most countries government that does this kind of marketing is to spread a positive image of them and cover the bad press over human rights issues that have been going on their country, oftentimes influencers are being censored so they would not talk anything bad about the country, usually, a strict check is maintained over the content of the influencers to make sure that everything is being depicted in a positive light. But of course, not all governments are doing influencer marketing to cover up their bad image, but in some cases, this kind of marketing strategy works.

This type of marketing will not go away, as long as social media and the internet exist, there will always be influencer marketing. Hopefully, after reading this article you now have a new understanding of influencer marketing.

Having to do influencer marketing can be tiring. So, it can be a great idea to ask a marketing consultant to help your business to reach its full potential market. If you are looking for a marketing consultant in Singapore, you can always look it up online and pick the most suitable one for your business.