Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad, And The Straight-Up Weird Part Of It: Part 1

Ever wondered why you have seen “that” particular headphone brand on every singer’s music video and celebrities? Or a skincare product that suddenly every social media influencer is talking about? That is what the industry called “Influencer Marketing”. In this article, we will try to explore more about this new type of marketing strategy, and how your business may utilise this type of marketing strategy, hopefully by the end of this article you will gain new information about influencer marketing and social media marketing in general.

Companies are constantly finding new ways to promote their product to an even larger audience and with the rise of technology, companies are starting to try this method of marketing. Essentially, it is a part of digital marketing, specifically social media marketing. 

So how does this work?
Basically, it involves endorsements and product placement to influencers and people who have an expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field, this includes celebrities, athletes, social media content creator, professionals, etc.

A business would send a contract detailing the promotion, and most influencers are paid before the start of a marketing campaign while others are paid after it ends. The fee for an influencer to promote your products varies from one to another.

That raises a question, what are things that affect the rate of one influencer? And how is it differ from the others? We will learn more as we read the next part of the article.