Influencer Marketing: The Good, The Bad, And The Straight-Up Weird Part Of It: Part 3

Using influencer as your marketing strategy is a natural thing to do as influencers are a crowd-pleaser, natural showman and a charismatic persuader in nature, they persuade people to follow them and to listen to what they are saying, thus using them to promote your brand is like hiring a showman to promote your product but with a much larger audience, plus you the influencer can do it in their own home, eliminating the need for companies to spend their budget on renting a space for the promotion post.

However, with that being said, there are some hurdles about influencer marketing, both for the business and the influencer. Sometimes an influencer might have a slip-up and caused a controversy, this ultimately will bring your brand down because you are or have worked with that influencer, oftentimes the brand would simply cease their business relationship with an influencer who might have caused or joined in a controversy in social media. Likewise, if influencers are not paying enough attention to their MoU or the deal agreement, the company might use your content without you knowing because it was written in the agreement paper that the company might use their content but the influencer did not read it carefully and jumped into the deal without reading the full agreement paper.

All of this information does not seem enough to cover all the experiences one might get when dealing with influencers. There are still some of other negative things, odd things, but we can also use this marketing strategy in a positive manner in Singapore. Check the last part of this article to know more.