If designed well, name cards can remind people of the first time they met you and encourage them to contact you again or visit your website to learn more about your products or services. 

For that reason, knowing what to add and what to omit is essential, especially if you want to create a striking and balanced name card.

The graphic elements and the text that you want to add are important, but you must also consider the space that surrounds them and the way you will distribute the information that you will put on your card. 

Remember that a clean and good design communicates that you are professional and organized. So, let's review what you should include. 

1. Logo 

The logo is a visual representation of everything a company does. It is an element that represents the essence and the message of the business.

For that reason, it should be personified and used as an element that customers can associate you with. 

A company with a logo projects a credible, professional, and distinctive image. Usually, business owners opt for one of these three types of logos: written name or wordmark, monogram or letter mark, and symbol. 

Remember to use a high-quality image when adding your amazing logo design to the name card so that the edges look sharp when printing. 

2. Company Name 

The name of the company is one of the most important elements of name card stickers, regardless of whether they are traditional or digital. We recommend that you give the name a lot of space, and make it prominent. 

It is the most significant information on your card, as it is what people tend to remember most often. Therefore, in general lines, we can say that the name of the company should be the largest and most striking text of the name card.