3. Slogan. 

Another thing that you should add to your name card stickers is the motto. You can summarize it in four words or less to make it more effective. The idea of ​​including a tagline on the cards is to provide summary information about the business. 

To write a good slogan, be as professional and honest as possible. Also, remember to focus on the main service. 

4. Contact Details. 

The purpose of name card stickers is to give people quick and permanent access to company contact information. Therefore, some of the elements that cannot be missing are data such as email, phone number, address, and more. 

It is recommended that this information be aligned to the left or right, always maintaining organization and optimizing reading. If you have a preferred contact channel, such as an email address or phone number, emphasize it by using a larger font. 

5. Website or Social Networks. 

Finally, we have an Internet presence. Today's businesses are on the web. That is why putting that information on the business card has become so important.

But you must be very careful. It is essential that there is coherence between the design of your name card and your website or the image of your profiles on networks. Remember that it must convey the same brand concept! 

Final Thoughts. 

Organised namecard printing can be very useful for the growth of companies if they are designed correctly. If you want to get yours, take advantage of these tips!