1. Wolf of Wall Street 

In 1987 the young stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) lost his promising job because of "Black Friday." However, he quickly discovered what potential there is in so-called "penny stocks," small businesses that he does to keep himself afloat.  

Together with a colleague, he makes a fortune in no time. The new company "Oakmont" grows into a billionaire company, but Belfort is increasingly addicted to drugs.

One day, the FBI becomes aware of the weird business, and a solution has to be found to get the enormous amounts of money out of the country. 

Worth seeing for entrepreneurs because: It has an entertaining story about the stock market, money, power, and entrepreneurship. 

2. Moneyball - The Art of Winning 

The final baseball game of the season is a narrow defeat for the Oakland A's team, which inevitably causes the team to fall apart.

Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) does not give up and tries despite his financially limited means to get a new baseball team up and running.  

By a lucky coincidence, he met the business analyst Peter Brand. The brand claims to have developed a system that manages to build the perfect team with the help of computer statistics, without any professional players.

Whether the risky idea is a brilliant plan or just an ill-conceived gimmick quickly becomes apparent. 

Worth seeing for entrepreneurs because this sports film motivates you to think differently, be innovative, take risks, and build a team that you trust. What more does an entrepreneur want to learn ?!