4 Types of Invitation Cards for Wedding, Party, and Other Important Occasions


There is not necessarily a certain form of invitation card that works for all kinds of events or occasions.

That means different occasions typically require invitations.


While each invitation card is unique, they all serve the same purpose: to invite visitors, provide them with knowledge about your event, and ensure that it is effectively communicated.


So, here are a few different types of invitation cards, as well as some pointers on how to craft them properly.


1. Handwritten Invitation Card

Handwritten invitation cards are becoming less common as people increasingly want to design them digitally.


A handwritten invitation card tends to be more intimate and special, but it is better for small groups and is not preferred for large gatherings. This is due to the fact that handwriting an invitation card takes longer. It would take a long time to work on something if you invite a huge number of people and use a handwritten invitation card. You can make an error without noticing it, or the end result may be inconsistent and untidy. Because of that, you should consider to save handmade cards for special occasions.


2. Digital Invitation Card

Not only do people choose to craft their invitation cards digitally these days, but they also choose to give them via the internet.


People depend on technology too heavily because it makes everything easier, including sending out invitations. Despite it being environmentally friendly and time-saving, it sounds less intimate and conscientious when you do not have to print on paper and waste ink or stamp on it.

If you want to include a digital or electronic invitation card, make sure to have a welcoming note that explains your positive intentions so that people are more likely to pay attention to it rather than ignoring it.


3. Wedding Invitation Card

Even though more people send it digitally, a wedding invitation in Singapore is still also sent physically as this is usually the norm.

When it comes to designing a wedding invitation card, you must adapt it to the wedding theme in order to provide a sense of the kind of wedding that will be held. People can tell when a wedding would be more casual, formal, or even themed based on the style of the wedding invitation card. As a result, design is crucial. Not to mention, you must ensure that all of the relevant details are expressed in the text of your wedding invitation card without making it sound ambiguous to the readers.


4. Party Invitation Card

A party invitation card is normally more relaxed and simple. After a joyful day, such as a wedding, graduation, or promotion, you should invite people to a celebration. Since there is not anything to say about a party invitation card, make it brief and sweet. Just tell people where and where the event is, as well as what the event is about.


So, which one are you going to send? Whichever is your choice, just make sure that you are making it the best way possible for the most satisfactory results.