#3 Reward Loyal Customers 

Is there anything better than a points system that can be used to reward customers who keep buying your products? In addition, with such a system, you strengthen customer loyalty and stand out from the competition.  

Ultimately, this means that your customers will be happy to buy from you again and again. Get them interested at the show by handing out loyalty cards, or issuing freebies like self ink stamp and they will surely see you again soon. 

Business cards offer enough space for loyalty stamps or holes. It doesn't matter which products you sell because loyalty cards arouse ambition, and we don't give up until the loyalty card is full. This is, of course, a massive advantage for you. 

#4 Talk With Customers First 

Making new contacts is essential, but it is just as important to have a consultation with them at your location. Instead of just handing out business cards, you can also make appointments and record the details on the card.  

Ideally, during the design process, choose a template with enough space on the front for your company information and the back for the appointment details. Your customers will not forget when to meet you. 

#5 Offer Exclusive Discounts 

Visitors are hoping for some specific advantages from participating in a trade fair. They are not satisfied with a free plastic bag full of flyers. It would be best if you offered trade fair visitors a product discount. 

Print a discount code on the back of your business cards that only visitors to your stand can redeem. You decide what the discount applies to, whether on items in the sale of the products in the online shop.  

Alternatively, you can also use the code to give exclusive products or discounts. Make sure that the code includes the name of the event. So a good discount code for Angel Expo 2019 would be ANGELEXPO.