What do you think about marketing? 

Something related to promotion, sales, or advertising? Or maybe you will answer that question with something related to business? 

Most people must be familiar with "marketing" today. Marketing is a kind of something that cannot be separated from a business. But why? Is that marketing really matters in business? You can find out the answer below!  

About Marketing 

Running a business is not just about producing great products or services. Many things influence a business to be successful, including marketing. But what exactly is marketing? 

Basically, marketing is an activity to convince people to buy or use certain products or services. Because of that, the marketers should define their offers, make a strategy for positioning the offer in the market, research the potential market and people who likely would buy the offer, and much more things to do in marketing! 

But with all of those things, what makes it special and essential? Here are a few reasons why marketing is essential for your business! 

1. Customers Educations and information  

Yes, as a part of your business internal, you must already know the ins and outs of your product or service. But what about your customers? Do they know about it? 

Today, most people need to understand what they want to buy before deciding to buy it. Also, there is a saying that an excellent product or service will be nothing without anyone knowing it. That is why you need a way to inform or educate your potential customers about your offer. Because of that, marketing is needed as a way to educate and inform potential customers about your offer in an attractive way!  

2. Engagement 

Today, business competition is getting tougher. There are lots of competitors in the same niche. That is why marketing is essential because it can make your business more like a friend than only acquaintances to your customers. But what is that mean? 

Do you know what is the difference between friends and acquaintances? You and your friends know deeper about each other, but not with the acquaintances. You and your acquaintances only know each other. That is how we analogize engagement and business. You can create a deeper relationship or connection between your business and customers with customers engagement. Besides, that can encourage the long-term loyalty of your customers to your brand.   

3. Marketing Affects Sales 

Actually, it is still related to the first point that we have discussed. By educating or informing people about your product or service, as the result, marketing can generate sales and increase the level of it. That is why marketing essential in a business, right? Because without any sales or demands for your offers, it might be difficult to stay in business and keep it growing! 

4. Differentiation 

You may know what makes your offer different from others in the same niche, but how about your customers? Do they know about that?  

There are lots of competitors with the same products or services. Maybe you think that your offer is different from others, but to let people know about that, marketing is needed to help you distinguished your business or offers.