Is A Name Card Still Relevant In This Digital World Part One 


















7. Owing to differences  

In traditions and customs, cultural acceptance is never an easy problem to discuss. This makes determining the best course of action when attempting to communicate with clients all over the world extremely difficult. However, some techniques, including rituals and customs, have stood the test of time and are still in use today. 

Business cards are one of those tried-and-true methods that you can't go wrong with. Giving someone a business card would never offend them, regardless of their background.

When giving out business cards, however, understanding the business card etiquette is important. 

8. A Fantastic Way to Promote Your Business 

Despite their basic nature, business cards may be crafted to advertise a company or brand. This can range from using the company's colors to using exclusive card shapes and textures to simply making the card as streamlined as possible.

These kinds of designs can help a client imagine a business or brand just by looking at it.  

9. A Lot of Bang For Your Buck 

Because of how little they cost compared to how much you earn, business cards are an investment worth making. Even if a single business card out of a pack of 50 generates a few leads simply by being passed around, this is a fantastic result that will almost certainly result in a high return on investment.

The best part is that, once distributed, a business card needs no further attention and can quickly change hands to a type of self-sustained marketing.  

Wrap Up 

Despite the fact that they are a relic of the past, there are explanations why business cards have endured and even grown beyond their original intent.

Many claim that they are obsolete and that newer media should be used instead. However, there are several (often unnoticed) explanations why business cards are still useful today.  

Because of their simplicity and effectiveness, they can be used by almost anyone. Despite the fact that they are not technologically advanced, it has given them an unexpected advantage over internet-based media.

Almost all cultures, if not all, understand and embrace them as a means of communication. They can be used in almost any situation, and there is no way to go wrong with them. 

Most importantly, they can be tailored to almost any business target at a low cost and with a high potential for profit.

Considering all of these factors, it is undeniable that company business card remain important and valuable investments for any company.