Business Cards With Finishing

Today business cards are cheaper than ever! 1,000 business cards with a grammage of 350 g / m2 and double-sided printing are available for under $13. I have no idea how to do that. But it works.  

The refinements are now correspondingly cheap. You can also communicate super with the help of refinements. 

Finishing for business cards: 

  • UV painting 
  • Foil lamination 
  • Fragrance painting 
  • Color cut 
  • Blind embossing 
  • Hot foil stamping 

Business Cards With UV Varnish 

You can have amazing business card finished with a full or partial UV coating. 

Business Cards With Scented Varnish 

Business cards that smell? Why not? That doesn't always make sense. Still, in certain cases, it's a great way to stand out. 

Business Cards With Foil Lamination 

The film lamination or cellophane wrapping surrounds the business card with a film that can be matt or glossy. 

Color-Cut Business Cards 

With the color cut, only the sides of the business card are coated with color. Standard colors, neon colors, or stamping foils are possible. 

Business Cards With a Blind Embossing 

With blind embossing, the paper or cardboard is only embossed. Colorless. Nevertheless, blind embossing can also be combined with printing. 

Business Cards With Hot Foil Stamping 

A colored foil is applied to the business card with pressure and heat. The foils can have very different properties. As with the film lamination z. B. matt, glossy or metallic. 


The business card is a must. Therefore it is also an essential part of corporate design. If you consider the different types of printing media available and that the different finishes can also be combined. Then there are countless possibilities to personalize your business cards and adapt them to your business or service. 

The business card is simply part of the essential equipment. Make an impression with a business card tailored to your services.

With the proper finishing, you stand out. Your contacts will remember you better. It will be easier for them to contact you.