Everyone knows the importance of being and staying well positioned within the first search engine results. But this importance rises even more when we talk about direct sales business to the public and a very high number of competitors. 

A study carried out by BBVA and Xopie places the number of active online stores in Spain at 85,000, a figure that indicates that the mission of appearing in the first results may seem like an impossible mission. 

Choose The Right Keywords

Good positioning results are behind a good keyword selection strategy in a very high percentage, it may seem like a trite argument, but this SEO factor is still the case. 

Knowing what we sell, how we want to sell it, and how we would look for it, putting ourselves in the shoes of an Internet user, is essential to choose those keywords for which we will appear in the search engine. 

Create Unique and Original Content 

A common ecommerce practice is to dispense with content. Most of them are based on a careful image strategy and an attractive pricing system that may seem like enough to increase conversions, but it is not.

First, they have to access your ecommerce, and for this, Google must understand what you sell and what information you offer the user about what you sell.  

Therefore, it is highly recommended to add content in each of the categories of your store. Carrying out this recommendation can differentiate you from many competitors whose categories are the only thing we find are product files and files composed only of images and prices. 

Regarding the products, we recommend creating original descriptions, even more so if you are a distributor of products of professional sticker printing from other brands.

Copying descriptions from other web pages or the manufacturer's official website will cause Google to categorize your site as a site with duplicate content and penalize you for doing so.  

Creating unique and original descriptions can be hard work, especially when you have a very extensive catalog of products. Still, you will see the results translated into a good positioning of your website in the long run.