Keyword stuffing is considered spam according to the webmaster's guidelines and can "lead to a poorer ranking of your website."  

You can use these methods to prevent keyword stuffing 

The following tips and strategies can assist you in achieving a high ranking on Google for a certain keyword: 

Double-check the word's importance to your text. This may not look at the frequency of a search word but rather the relevance of the website's content compared to the keywords you place. 

Replace obsolete keywords or content with appropriate keywords if possible, and pay attention to natural keyword integration in title tags, alt tags, headings, and captions. 

Determine whether additional relevant information, as well as semantically similar keywords, phrases, or synonyms, nicely incorporated. 

Ensure that the material adds value to the consumer and that a smooth reading flow is maintained. 

You maintain visual diversity and a precise selection of facts through infographics, lists, and additional internal or external connections.