Stickers are versatile! That is why you might find the application of stickers in various places and objects. Besides, stickers are also used by all ages, from children to adults! Do they have the same purposes? Of course not! Children usually use stickers as toys, but adults use stickers for more varied purposes. 


We've already mentioned children and adults, what about the young people? 


Young people are the same as adults, in that they probably have more purposes than children. But what kind of stickers do young people use and like? 


To find out the answer, maybe some of the points below can help you! 


1. Bullet Journal 

Productivity is something that most people try to do in their daily life. People try to do this because they can get more done in less time. Today, productivity is not only applied by adults, since young people also try to make themselves more productive every day. 


For the youngster, one of the most popular stuff they use to increase their productivity is a bullet journal or BuJo. A bullet journal is a book that helps develop personal organization from organizing schedules, to-do lists, reminders, notes, and more. One of the essential things about the bullet journal, most people try to make their own bullet journal as aesthetic as they can. That is the reason why many young people use stickers to decorate their own bullet journal.  


But what kind of stickers that they use on bullet journal? 


  • First, of course, stickers with attractive illustrations that can make their books more aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Second, planner stickers such as calendar, weekdays, and date stickers. 

  • Dot stickers to track something kind of progression. 

  • Habit tracker stickers. 

  • And many more!  


2. Decorative Stickers for Laptops and Cell Phone Cases 

Young people are full of creativity! That is the reasons why some of them love to decorate their stuff using stickers to make it looks more pop and fun. They put stickers on various things or items, but two of the places or items most frequently affixed with stickers are cell phones and laptops. But what kind of stickers do they usually put on those two objects? That's pretty tough to answer because there is no specific kind of stickers for that! But, if you try to observe, most decorative stickers on a laptop or phone case are small in size with an eye-catching design or illustrator. 


3. Idol Stickers 

Believe it or not, the K-pop industry is just becoming a hit in many countries! And of course, most of the fans are still young. As fans who support their idols, they can buy albums of their favourite groups or even purchase all kinds of merchandise including stickers! Stickers with illustrations of famous idols or anything related to them are one of the many types of stickers that get the youngster excited! Why? That is because they can collect them or decorate their different items or stuff using stickers with their favourite idols on them.  


4. Quotes Stickers 

Most people love quotes. For some people, quotes can represent what they are dealing with, give them a new perspective, or even give them strength! The youngster love quotes to keep them doing their best to achieve their dreams, or maybe to remind them to always think positive! They'll place stickers on their study desks, notebooks, rooms, and many other places and items!