Looking for a unique and cost-effective traditional marketing tool? Sounds like you're describing postcard marketing. 

Postcard printing for marketing might sound like it's way too old school, however, although postcards have been used since a very long time ago, a marketing effort using this tool is not something that you should be skeptical about. 

Since it is still often requested, it means that it still works even in this digital era. So, why not try it out too? 

Before you start making your postcard, here are what you need to know:  

1. Make a Great First Impression 

Since it is called the first impression, you only have one chance to make it right. Since your postcard is intended for marketing and advertising, you have to go for a bold design using bright colors and brave font choice. 

These decisions will make your postcard stand out better and attract your target audience easier rather than using a plain or soft design. 

You have to set the impression and image of your brand right from the get-go, so you have to make sure that the colors are not only bold but can also represent your brand well.

Also, to make a better impression, you have to make your postcard sound personal with content that is targeted specifically for your target audience. This will make them feel closer to you and you can build customer trust quicker and easier this way. 

2. Straightforward 

The content of a postcard should be concise and straightforward. Ideally, since a postcard does not have much space anyway, you have to be able to make it interesting using minimum words. The simple words and sentences in your postcard printing should be able to effectively explain the key information to your target audience and pique their interest successfully. 

It is even better if you can convince your target audience to hold onto your postcard instead of quickly having it thrown away or forgotten. 

3. Be Persuasive 

A good marketing is a marketing that is convincing. So, it is absolutely important to be able to come off as persuasive to convince your target audience to either buy your product or use your service. Usually, the critical part to be persuasive is the call to action sentence. A call to action sentence needs to be simple, easy to understand, strong, and effective. It has to without fail be able to direct people to the place or action that you want according to the marketing strategy that your brand or company has.

These three things may seem and sound simple, but they can contribute greatly to the success of postcard marketing. So, never underestimate it. Even though a postcard is small, it can be a strong marketing tool if you know how to design it right and distribute it toward the right target. 

Also, remember to print your postcards in a good printing service instead of trying to do it on your own, because this option will only end up wasting you money and time.