Get to Know 4 Ps of Marketing: Part 1


You might wonder, what are the 4 Ps of marketing? If you are new to this term, this article will explain to you about this and make your business works well.

The 4Ps of marketing are also known as the marketing mix. This type of marketing has a concept of running your business with 4 basic influential things, namely product, price, place, and promotion. If you own a small business in Singapore and want to increase it, here are more explanations about 4Ps that you have to know.



The most important thing in your business is the product, it could be a thing like clothes, foods, or even services. The product that you offer to customers has to be something that they need, so the key is understanding your customers. Arrange your product including the packaging and the service you give to your customers. Convince them that your product is different and tell them why your product is the best one.



How much it cost to buy your product? Is the price is worth it? When it comes to the price, it is kind of sensitive. Customers most likely compare the price between other brands and they will consider the good product with the cheapest price. You have to consider your price seriously, not just to offer the cheapest price or discount, but show your customers that they will have an amazing experience with the money they spend.


As you have learned some of the concepts of the marketing mix, you might want to know the rest of the concept. You can check the second part of this article to know more.