Get to Know 4 Ps of Marketing: Part 2


Do you have a new business? One of the most important things to consider is the place where you sell your product and how would you distribute them. If you want to sell your product in a store, you have to design your place that can fit your product.

You also need to find a strategic spot and make people feel convenient to visit. This way, you would learn how to make your customers enjoy shopping at your store and glad to be back. Or if you want to sell your product online, you should decide which platform you want to use and make it easier to access.



The last thing is promotion, which includes advertising and brand awareness. You have to think about how your product well-known. If a lot of people know your product, it is an opportunity that they will consider buying your product. You have to make a strategy for promoting your product. The way you deliver your message to people determines your success. So, be creative and out of the box.

The 4Ps look simple, but they are the most basic important things to start a business. It is like a foundation, and if your basic concept is strong, you just need to adjust some little things to complete it. Most successful companies in Singapore have applied for this marketing concept, so you can learn from them. Surely, it will not be easy to run a business, but if you want to try and always learn, it is worth trying.