It is important to know the various types and sizes of brochures that you can print later. Advertising media that is often used for promotion is the brochure. It is not only for the promotion of a product but also for promoting services. Whether it is big companies or small companies, many use flyers or brochures in their marketing strategies. This strategy is quite efficient because the business owner will directly provide information to their target market. Therefore, their future customers will feel interested in the promotions listed in the brochure. 

Over time there have been many types and sizes of brochures. So, in choosing the size of the brochure, one must be thorough and suitable according to your needs. This is of course so that everything can be suitable for the business being run. There are several types and sizes of brochures commonly used by a new business company to attract new customers, not only that, schools or universities are also using brochures aiming to introduce and attract new students, usually they are distributed at the end of the semester or at certain times.

So, what are the types of brochures available for printing? 

Here are some of the most popular types of brochure’s layout in the market : 

1. Foldless 

Brochures without folds can be known as flyers, where brochures do not have folds and sizes that are widely used by entrepreneurs, namely A5, A4 and DL (1/4 quarto paper). This type of brochure is usually used for promotional media by providing brief information. If you want to make the information a little longer 

2. Bi-Fold 

This is the foremost commonly used brochure type among companies. A bi-folded brochure is formed by folding the brochure into two halves, usually A4 paper. The paper is folded in a way so that there are 4 front and back pages. this kind of brochure is usually used for promotions that display more images or have much larger images.