3. Tri-Fold and Z Fold 

This brochure is exactly what the name says. It consists of three folded panels that provide enough space to display your company’s product or service information. The paper then is going to be folded into 3 parts so the brochure will have 3 front and 3 back pages. This type of layout can be folded in some ways to optimize its functionality, making it easier to read and carry along. The only difference between a Tri-fold and Z fold is the way they are folded, a Tri-fold brochure is folded like the Gate Fold ones, meanwhile, the Z fold is folded like the letter Z. This type of brochure has been on the rise in Singapore, due to its effectivity and price point. 

4. Gate Fold 

True to its name, this brochure has the same characteristics as a gate and how to open them is exactly the same. The paper is folded in thirds with the sides shorter than the middle. The layout of this brochure makes it compact and easy to carry around. The brochure’s layout provides more space for information and images of the product or service of your brand in great detail. 

5. Booklet Brochure 

A booklet brochure is a more advanced version of the bi-fold brochure where there are multiple pages of brochures and binding it into one, making it appear like a magazine. This kind of brochure is suitable for companies that want to advertise multiple products. As you can see, there are a few options for a brochure’s layout. Ranging from the popular Z. Fold to booklet brochure. The type of layout will affect your advertising strategy, so pick the layout that suits your business best before printing them!