POD exists because digital printing technology continues to evolve. That is the main reason why POD is not just about books and other paper products. There are many products that you can also produce with POD, including T-shirts, hoodies, business cards, books, hats, socks, masks, mugs, tote bags, invitation cards, scarves, and others.  

The Good Thing About Print on Demand 

Earlier, we discussed the printing partner that makes POD a great idea to start a business with minimum money. But that is not enough! There are a lot more good things about POD that you should know. So, here is a few of them! 

  • We know that in the POD the product will be printed or produced by the printing company after there is an order. That means there are no minimum product requirements for your first inventory. So, you don't have to worry about making the wrong inventory estimation and spend your money on that!  
  • Since you don't need to prepare your first inventory, then you don't have to worry about unsold and dusty products.  
  • Also, as a result of no inventory needed, you don't need to store any products. So, you don't need a warehouse or other places to store your inventory.  
  • POD can be an alternative for people who want to publish their writings.  
  • Another good thing about POD is that you can sell products under your brand, even though you are not the one who produces the product.  

So, that is the brief information you need to know about print on demand. What do you think? Are you interested in it?