Artists surely know how important it is to get an easel stand to make their work process more comfortable and easier. An easel stand is quite an investment, and it needs to be able to last a long time, so if you are getting one for yourself, you have to make sure that the easel stand that you buy is the absolute perfect one for you depending on your work style or habits as well as medium and other preferences that you have. 

There are roughly two categories of easel stand that you can get, which are the studio easels and the display easels. Studio easels are for working, meanwhile, the display easel is simply for display and not meant to be used for the painting process. First, let's go over the studio easel types that you can choose. 

Studio Easel Stands 

There are a lot of different types of easel standthat you can choose, but we'll go over the types that are most common for artists. 

1. Single Mast Easel 

If you are a complete beginner, then it is good to start with this type of easel stand because it is cheap yet it offers decent quality. Even though it is not very sturdy, it can still hold paintings well and make sure that you can work on it comfortably. The single mast easel is lightweight so it is easy to carry to the places you want and it is perfect if you need to move your easel stand from one place to another, for example from home to your art or painting lesson. 

2. A-frame Easel Stand 

If you want a better quality easel stand compared to the single mast easel stand, then you can consider the A-frame easel stand. It is sturdier yet still also lightweight and easy to fold and store as well as transfer. This type of easel stand is one of the most commonly used types of easel stand and it is sometimes used even by professionals, although professionals preferably use better quality easel stand. 

3. H-frame Easel 

Needing an even sturdier easel stand that can hold large paintings or canvases? Then this one is for you. The H-frame easel stand is the sturdiest type of easel stand compared to the aforementioned two types of easel stands, yet it is not so easy to fold because of its weight. It is also not easy to transport, so it is the perfect type of easel stand for vigorous artists who prefer to work with large sized canvases indoors at all times. 

Display Easel Stand 

If you have completed your works and want to display them without having to hang them on walls, then you definitely need a display easel stand. It is also definitely needed if you are opening an exhibition because it is very convenient. Display easel stands are easy to set up and taken away at any time, and they are definitely not heavy. It's definitely a hassle free type of easel stand and should not be mistaken for an studio easel stand.