The graphic design profession is very broad and encompasses many areas of action where creativity is put to the test every day. Sometimes many people tend to ignore this reality, and pass by in their desperate search to find solutions to projects that only graphic design could drive. 

For this reason it is considered of great importance to unveil the main areas of action of graphic design, as an effective way to educate potential clients and help them to directly identify the branches of graphic design essential for the promotion of their projects. 

Tell me what you need and I will tell you which area of graphic design to explore. 

Graphic design is a profession that explores various forms of creativity, from which several branches are derived and are governed by different codes and tools. Not all clients pursue the same objectives, and in view of this and the behavior of the market, it is possible to find creatives specialized in multiple disciplines. 

An entrepreneur who is looking for a graphic designer to help him establish his brand, for example, will not find what he is looking for in an editorial designer. They are part of the same profession, but their objectives and methods do not go hand in hand. That is why it is so important to have clear objectives. 

In the case of the businessman who wants to make his brand or services known, what he needs is a graphic designer who is an expert in branding. This area of design is responsible for helping to create a brand or corporate identity. 

This designer must know how to listen very well to the client's needs, understand them and appropriate them in order to incorporate in the design the concept helps to properly identify the business to the client's liking. The work must also include an exhaustive research to establish the appropriate strategies. 

In the process, a lot of creativity and intelligence must be used because the result will be a product that will be the face of the company before the public; therefore, the message must be clear and above all, create value around the brand or company. The graphic designer must help to build a good reputation. 

Other main branches of graphic design at your service 

The creativity demanded by graphic design in its different branches is the fundamental basis of the whole process. It is through originality and intelligent inventiveness will generate the necessary persuasion among the people who will help to achieve success. 

This is something fundamental in advertising design. This branch of graphic design is supported by digital marketing and its main objective is to generate a positive effect on people that motivates them to relate to the brand.  

Advertising design is mainly based on the creation of informative material promotes consumption, such as: posters, brochures, print and digital ads, flyers and stands. 

Thanks to advertising design, millions of products have been successfully promoted around the world. The task of the advertising designer is to present the product or service in the most attractive way possible, to achieve a consumer effect on the masses. 

Now, if your interest is to find that design professional that will help you to obtain the best presentation of your product, in relation to labeling and informative packaging; we let you know you will find what you are looking for in the area of packaging design. 

Although it is closely linked to the advertising theme, let's clarify that packaging design is an area devoted entirely to the product. The designer's task is to design a packaging sufficiently persuasive to produce higher sales.  

The design includes: labels, boxes, cans, wrappers, containers, bottles, cartons among others. Many companies benefit from this service, so the options in this specific area are quite high. 

Web/mobile design  

Currently, another area of graphic design has a high impact is web/mobile design. This specific area is closely linked to the field of programming and has its basis in the experience provided to the user in relation to navigability and interactivity. 

The web designer must have extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS, UI and UX design to provide a user experience stands out for the simplicity of the processes on different devices. 

Objectives governing this activity are directly linked to free consumer communication. Different forms of information and entertainment are opening up the field through web pages. Their presence has gained more strength in recent times due to the effects of the pandemic. 

Many companies and entrepreneurs had positive experiences through their websites, dedicated to e-commerce. These websites have been valuable tools for the promotion of products and brands, as well as a space for interaction between customers and the brand. 

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