The Poster as a Marketing Item 

The systematic aspect of the ad strategy is what piques my curiosity in this. I went online and discovered a video advertisement for the Ouija film. The advertising firm had developed a prosthetic system for the psychic reader using advanced make-up techniques.

As the plenum flies around the board on its own (which is frightening enough), settling on the letters "R," "U," and "N," the psychic reader's eyes pop open, and she exclaims, "Run!” Of instance, the client waiting for the reading (presumably a bystander) begs for assistance.  It's both frightening and powerful, and the mystical poster printing I bought at the theatre helps me to bring some of the magic home with me (or terror).

Tying the (multi-generational) Ouija board symbol to the poster's colors and typefaces, and then reinforcing 1960s memories with the pressing issue of whether or not "it's just a game," creates an unforgettable moment.

It generates "buzz" for the upcoming film by using several touchpoints via various media (film, Internet, and poster).