Cloud technology has become a highly relevant IT service and infrastructure when it comes to innovate other kinds of IT products (hardware and software). In this case, the printing industry is one of the many technology industries that have benefited from the advantages of the cloud, especially sticker printing.  

Nowadays it is difficult to find equipment, software, or devices that cannot be integrated into a cloud infrastructure. In the case of printing, when integrated into a cloud infrastructure, it can be called Cloud Printing.  

This means that a computer or digital device such as a smartphone can be connected wirelessly to a printer. This kind of connection not only avoids the unnecessary use of hardware such as connection cables, but also optimizes equipment performance, productivity, and data transmission between the devices.  

In the world of professional sticker printing, this is vital as stickers are more delicate products that are not only more complex but are also often printed in large quantities for different types of purposes.  

Cloud technology is already a fact, and state-of-the-art equipment from the world's best brands is capable of being integrated into a cloud infrastructure. Whether through applications, online platforms, or services from corporations such as Google or DigitalOcean, creation is becoming easier and more accessible.