Many of us have been waiting for a long time for a change in this social network since it was created in 2003. Some of the changes it has undergone so far. Microsoft acquired the well-known platform in 2016 and, from the moment of purchase, the need for renewal was already sensed. 

This need for change has become more significant since Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new Facebook tool with which he intends to be a direct competitor of the hitherto largest job search social network. 

The LinkedIn changes have affected personal profiles, but they have also affected company profiles, offering more significant opportunities and advantages for the latter.

As a result of the change, LinkedIn enables a more intuitive, faster, and value-added user experience. It is indisputable that it is a powerful marketing tool that, well used, can bring innumerable benefits to our business.  

LinkedIn Helps You In: 

  • Creation of professional communities. 
  • Marketing products like professional business card and services. 
  • Brand positioning as a benchmark. 
  • Expansion of the customer base with the consequent increase in sales. 
  • SEO optimization