Almost up to 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business purposes. LinkedIn is not just a platform to hire experienced people but also used to connect and sell. It's a professional channel to introduce your business to people and create connections.  

Step 1. Create a LINKEDIN Page: 

Before start using LinkedIn for social media marketing, a LinkedIn page is required. The steps to make LinkedIn page are as follows: 

  • Go to the LinkedIn pages section and click to create your page. 
  • Choose the suitable category.  
  • Add your company details and select a good URL for your brand.  
  • Upload your company logo. Although this step is not compulsory, it gives the impression of reliability. 
  • Add your tagline 
  • Click create page 

Step 2. Complete Your Profile: 

Add more details about your business to improve your ranking in LinkedIn and google search. This step will provide visitors with more information about your business. Use the pencil icon in your profile to add information. 

Business description: describe the purpose of your business and products description, so people get a clear idea about your services. 

Location: add the address of your office or store as it will give an impression of authenticity. 

Hashtags: to make your profile more searchable, it's practical to add up to three hashtags. 

Cover photo: just like how a professional business card makes you look credible it applies to your cover photo too by making your profile attractive by adding a background picture. Choose an image that is relatable to your brand. 

Custom button: LinkedIn also gives you the feature to add options like visiting a website, contact us, learn more, etc. add an exact URL to take advantage of this feature and connect people to your brand. 

Step 3. Share Your Page: 

After creating your profile and adding information about your business, the next step is to let people know about your LinkedIn account. Inform your staff about your LinkedIn account through e-mail and guide them to follow the page and add your account as the work of place. You can also promote your LinkedIn page with your audience through other social media platforms and website. It will help you to increase your account's followers. Another way to add more people to your following is to invite your connections to follow your page. 

Step 4. Add LINKEDIN Button: 

You can also promote your LinkedIn page to add social media icons in the header of your website or newsletter to let people know about your LinkedIn profile. Doing this will make it easier for them to find your account. 

Step 5. Create a LINKEDIN Marketing Strategy: 

Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy and think about the goals you are looking forward to achieving through this platform. You can use this social media channel to achieve multiple goals: 

  • Business hiring 
  • Selling your products/services 
  • connecting your business with the target audience 

you can also check out your competitors' strategies that how they are using this social media platform to grow their business. You can take ideas from them and use them for the prosperity of your own business. Plan the content and post them at the right time to get high-level engagements.