All brands have something in common, and that's a logo. Ever seen a business, company, or institution without a logo? I don't think so. A logo is a unique feature through which a brand is identified. It has a big impact on a brand as it determines how that brand is being perceived. 

Whether you choose to design a logo yourself or involve the expertise of professionals such as a graphic marketing agency, the goal is to have a logo that will stand out, and the following should be considered before designing a logo. 

Your logo should reflect your company. 

A logo is a visual representation of a company and should be able to give a vivid description of what your brand is about by merely looking at it. Symbols included in your logo should relate to your name, the industry you fall under, the services you offer, or an advantage you possess. 

Ensure you use the right scale for your logo 

Your logo should look attractive in any size ranging from small to large.  

Keep the details simple. 

Ensure not to include too many details in your logo, as this could make it look not very easy. Simple logos are often noticed than complicated logos while keeping your logo simple; also ensure it has its unique features and identity. 


When your logo is ready, make sure to have it in these three formats: JPEG and PNG for web and EPS for printing. 

Now we have the necessary requirement to design a logo, let us look at the process how to design a captivating logo. 


This is the phase where you gather information about your brand. The following questions should help you get the necessary details needed to kick start your logo design process: 

Why do you need a logo? 

What problem are you trying to solve? 

What is your brand articulation? 

What are the beliefs and values of your brand? 

Where would you want your logo to be used? 

What impression would you want to leave in the minds of the audience? 


Carry out research on the industry your brand operates in and find out details that would give some directions on how your logo should be. Details like: 

The colors and shapes are mostly used by brands in your industry. 

The technique you could use to stand out in your industry. 

Your target audience and techniques that would work for them.  


Come up with as many ideas as you can and note them down. Create words that would reflect your brand the way you want it to be perceived from the target audience's point of view. You can also involve a few people around you to generate more ideas. 


Pay attention to color, as different colors have different meanings when it comes to brand presentation. Also, ensure to use the right font for your logo.  


Now your logo is ready, you should share it with people around you and get feedback on how the logo best describes your brand before you finalize release it out to the public.