Types of Logo That You Should Not Miss: Part 1

Well, it turns out we missed some other type of logo in the previous article, but worry not in this article we will put more examples of the types of the logo out there. As you might know, the logo is really important because it has to not only represent your brand, but also it has to be versatile enough so that you can use it in a different medium, whether it is a printed medium or digital ones, both for marketing purposes and advertising purposes or just to be able to print it to your product. While using an abbreviation of your company name or the logo of your company as a logo is usable, turns out there are more than just that, this time we will write the popular ones. Let's get started!

Mascot Marks
Mascot logos are logos that involve an illustrated character, usually colourful, cartoonish, and have a light-hearted feel to them. A mascot is a character that represents your company. Think of it as the ambassador for your company. Famous mascots include the Cheeto’s cheetah, KFC’s Colonel, and the old guy on the Quaker’s oats logo. Mascots are great for companies that want to create a wholesome atmosphere by appealing to families and younger audiences. Think of all those mascots at a sports match and the great dynamic they create by getting involved with the audience!

As you can see there is still some type of logo out there, but it would be too long in this article so if you are interested in reading the next part, you could read it in the next article. There are tons of logos in Singapore, you should always try to stand out from the rest of them, especially in a country where everything is so fast-paced, either you try to make it by being different or fail because it is too generic.