We all enjoy a great graphic novel, weather it is a comic, manga or anime book. There are many original great stories that we like, but do you realize how many people are behind those few pages that we read in just a few hours or days? From planification to publishing, comic books are not simple to work with and it involves hard work. There are different jobs behind each edition of every graphic novel or book. Check out how many people are needed to create an astonishing comic book and what they do behind those amazing pages! 

1. Scriptwriter 

Comic or anime books are more than just graphics inside their pages. If it does not come with an amazing story that catches your attention immediately, then it probably will not last more than just a few editions. A scriptwriter is the one in charge of developing a plotline that both catches the readers’ attention and keeps them watching for the next edition to be published. This is no simple task, and it may take a while at first and they probably must work with the ones developing the visual part of the comic book! 

2. Penciller  

This is the person behind those first sketches during the creation of a graphic novel. They focus on those primary illustrations, working side by side with the scriptwriter to know if their designs are in tune with the story. Being responsible for giving the narrative a visual form, their sketches are an important process during the early stages of a comic book production. As their name tells, they work with pencils for developing their drafts and have many different techniques.