3. Inker 

While the penciller creates the drawing, the inker is the one that doing the outlines and interpretation of the sketches previously made and retraces the whole sketch with a pen or a brush. Drawings made with pencils cannot be reproduced, so this part of the process is very important during a comic book creation. They must oversee the whole comic and determine if the story’s mood and readability is perfect.  

4. The Letterer 

During the final steps of the comic book production, the letterer is the one responsible for the text inside the graphic novel. They may use different calligraphy, typefaces, and letter size to create an impact on the readers’ eye. There are many methods a letterer might use such as computer lettering or something more traditional such as on-the-board.   

5. The Colorist 

Without a doubt, a colorist is the one that brings the black-and-white design into life! Using brushes on digital media softwares, they have a vast color palette and different tones in order to add details to the designs. They use their creativity to make the drawings pop into everybody’s eyes, which amplifies the original work made by the penciller. A colorist sometimes may be in charge of the cover artwork too, which sets the vibe of the whole comic book!