You are certainly familiar with stickers. Yes, the stickers you usually see on Groceries products, your friends' school books, even advertising stickers in shopping centres. The number of stickers that we see in these places is due to their ease in conveying information and their affordable prices. 

There are many ways that you can use to make a sticker. You can make it yourself by sketching the design you want. Whether it's writing, pictures, or writing and pictures, you should first make a rough design. After you get an overview of the design you want, then you continue the process of polishing the design to a further stage. This is like adding details, adjusting the colour, the sizes of every element of the design, the bleeding area, the materials that will be used, etc. 

If you are new to making stickers, then you can use the services of a graphic designer. A bit of extra money, you will get the most from the designer. You can also ask the printing service whether they can help you with the design. Just be clear and straightforward about what you wanted. 

After these things are done, then you can go to the printing service in Singapore. Well, anywhere you're located actually, but if you're by any chance happen to be in Singapore, you should be lucky! Singapore has some of the best printing services and products that they can offer you. Digital printing services products such as letterhead printing, name cards, business cards, envelope printing, stamps, x-banners, and so on. If you need a large format printing service, they can offer you many affordable options. Customization of products such as rubber stamps, if you're about to make one for your start-up companies. And last but not least, stickers. 

You can make custom shape stickers in many sizes, a large format of direct print UV stickers for indoor and outdoor. A reverse print with white backing stickers, transparent UV stickers combined with a solid colour. With so many options mentioned above, this definitely should be your reference whenever you pick a sticker printing in Singapore. 

Tips that you can use when making stickers are the first, which is to first determine the logo/image design, as well as what writing you will make. After that, make a design on a media. It is recommended for you to use adobe illustrator with CMYK mode, and the K value is set to 100. Make sure you set a bleeding area to prevent some loss of design during the cutting process. After that, you can communicate the design results to printing services in your area. Be clear about it and monitor the process, give your feedback about the sample result. Know about the right materials will also help you to have a long-lasting and durable sticker. Good luck on your sticker-making journey, hope this article helps you in any way possible!