Productivity is one of the topics that many people are looking for today. Many people talk about it, maybe including you. But do you know what productivity is? 

When you can achieve something with less time and effort, we can call this productivity. People want to increase their productivity because as a result of achieving their goal sooner, people will have more leaves time to do other activities. Moreover, that can also reduce the level of worry and stress.  

Now the question is, what can be done to be more productive? 

Here are several tips you can apply to help you get results faster, with less time and effort!  

1. Use Productivity Applications 

Most people use smartphones today, maybe including you! Most of them use it for communication or even playing games, but what if you use it as a tool to increase your productivity too? Now, there are various productivity apps that you can find on the internet! For instances, you can use Todoist to manage your daily to-do list, or you can use Forest if you want to put down your phone and focus on your task. These are just a few examples of tons of productivity apps you can use on your phone.    

2. Make a To-Do List 

Have you ever forgotten to do something that you should have done? That is the reason why making a to-do list can help you minimize the risk of forgetting to do something. But to increase your productivity, making a to-do list is not enough. You should also prioritize the activities on your list first by sorting them from most to least important.  

3. Avoid Checking Your Phone Immediately After Waking Up 

Want to make your day more productive? Then avoid checking your phone upon waking up to check email, Twitter, Instagram or even WhatsApp. Why? Because that can interfere with your ability to prioritise tasks that can make you less productive. You can try turning on flight mode, so once you turn off the alarm, you don't have to see a lot of notifications on your phone. Another way you can try is to use a classic or manual alarm to wake you up in the morning!  

4. Productivity Means Focus 

Did you know that the key to being more productive is to be more focused? But how to do that? One of the easiest ways to become more focused is to say no! For some people, maybe including you, saying no is one of the most difficult things to do. There are various reasons why it is difficult for people to say no, and one of the reasons is because saying no can make you seen as an arrogant and unhelpful person. But, to make your day productive, you only need to focus on the things you have to do. That's why you have to dare to say no to things that are not as important as you do. 

5. Sleep  

Some people believe that to be productive, they need to work long hours until things are done. Because of that, they sacrifice their sleep time. But, getting enough sleep goes hand in hand with productivity. Inadequate sleep makes people difficult to maintain their attention, think clearly, and many more. Also, if it happens for a long period time, it can cause health problems. So, once you feel that your body and mind frazzled, you better stop for a while and get some sleep.