Why Include YouTube in Your B2B Marketing Strategy?   

To answer this question, here are some important statistics of Think with Google:  

In 2015, 18-49 year olds spent 4% less time watching TV while YouTube time increased by 74%.  

8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watch YouTube.  

6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms like YouTube on live television. 

Benefits of YouTube for B2B Marketing   

Expand your audience. YouTube prides itself on having an audience of more than a billion users, or one third of the Internet users. As a result, an active presence on this network allows you to reach your demographic target and attract a wider audience to your content.  

Strengthen your brand. Videos offer the opportunity to emotionally engage with your audience. As a leading video platform, YouTube can help you build a brand identity and forge deep links with prospects. 

Improve your ranking in search engines. Google includes videos in its search results. This type of content is often better ranked than the results of standard Web pages. By taking a look at the latest numbers, you will discover that videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google than plain text results.  

As such, by posting content on YouTube, you increase the likelihood of being found on Google. 

Best Practices for an Effective B2B Use of YouTube 

Produce engaging video content  

A well-designed YouTube marketing strategy will not yield much if your videos do not offer compelling content. Unfortunately, many B2B marketers make the mistake of rushing to adopt the platform without a comprehensive strategy.

Set up a YouTube Channel  

In addition to creating this engaging content, you must also have your own YouTube channel. It will be more than just a collection of videos. It is like any other social media platform. Therefore, you should approach it with the same attention to detail as for your website or home page. Similarly, even if you are a B2B company, you will have to treat this marketing support in the same way as a B2C.  

While this may not be difficult, you will certainly want to adhere to some best practices to ensure you leverage this network to maximize your efficiency. 

Here are a few details to consider when creating your YouTube channel:  

Brand Banners and Icons: Your YouTube channel must have your brand logo and a custom banner.  

Channel description: Your “About” section should present your brand to your audience. This is indeed the perfect place to give a concise description of your business.  

Playlists: Your channel probably offers several different types of video content, so you can create custom playlists to better organize your videos.  

Post Regularly  

The biggest mistake companies make when it comes to YouTube is that they publish only when they have the opportunity. Yet, if you don’t update your channel on a regular basis, you will probably never be able to increase your audience on the platform.  

So include videos in your content calendar like you would for blogs, eBooks, white papers, etc. That doesn’t mean you have to post a new video every day, but just stick to a schedule so that viewers know when to expect new content.