In business, first impression matter! One of the reasons why it matters because it determines customer's perspective about your business or brand, and what they will do next with it. For instance, if your customers think that your brand is not reliable enough on the very first impression, they probably won't make any purchases from you. So, that is an example of how important a good first impression in business!  

Actually, there are countless ways in which your potential customers can interact with your brand or business for the very first time! One of them is through business or name cards. It is something that most of us really familiar with, right? 

A name card or business card can be the first thing that determines how your potential customers see your brand or business. So, as mentioned before that the first impression matter, it is actually the main reason why you need to take your name or business card seriously! But how to create a great first impression with a name or business card Singapore?  

Here are a few tips you can follow in making the card! 

1. You Can Try to Use Special Finishes! 

So, the first tip you can follow to make a great impression through your business or name card is to make it with a special finishing touch. Actually, adding special finishes can be an instant way to make your business card more memorable and eye-pleasing. Some of the special finishes you can try are spot UV and varnishing, letterpress, metallic inks, foil stamping, and many more! 

2. Choose a Different Material 

If you want to create a name or business card that can make a good impression, then you have to pay attention to the material you are going to use. There are numbers of materials you can choose for your card, from artcard to plastic. But, the thing to remember is that you should choose the material that matches you or your brand's personality.  

3. Try a Different Shape 

The regular shape of the name or business card is rectangular. But, how about trying a different shape for your card? By having a different shape, it is more likely that your cards will be remembered by people. But it doesn't mean that you have to make your card in an unusual shape. You can make a small difference to the shape of your card. For instance, you can round the corner of the card.  

4. Proofreading Is Necessary 

How can you make a good impression with your business card if there are some typos on it? That is the reason why the next tips you can follow when making a name or business card is to make sure that you check every detail and piece of information on it.   

5. Printing Quality Is Crucial! 

So, the last tip is about printing quality. Actually, it is one of the things that is crucial in making a name or business card. Why? Because the quality of the print determines the result of the card and its appearance. So, to create a great first impression, high-quality printing should be one of your priorities!