2. Choose the Perfect Material for Your Card 

Name card materials matter since it also takes a role in making a great first impression. There are two things you can consider when choosing the card material. The first one is weight. And the second one is finish. Usually, to make a long-lasting impression through your card, it's better to choose thick materials (30 points and above) that can make the cards look better and last longer! Besides, you also need to pay attention to the finishing because it plays a role in determining the look and feel of your card. The most popular finishes are glossy, matte, and dull. Choose based on the image you want to make using your name card!   

3. Print Your Card with the Highest Print Quality!  

Print quality determines the look of your name cards. Of course, to have a great impression, a well-printed and good-looking name card is necessary. So, choose an experienced and specialist name card printing service such as name card Singapore to ensure you only get the highest quality for your name card printing!