Name card is arguably one of the most important aspects of business practice. Businessmen usually, if not always, carry their own name cards wherever they go. Particularly if they are going to a business convention. The small-in-size but big-in-impact card will always occupy their wallet or their pocket. Why? Well, the answer is fairly simple: a name card Singapore is an effective way of building a connection. 

In business practice, name cards are usually handed out during an introduction. It helps you to spark a conversation with your potential customers and or business partners. It also helps you to tell people about your position and your company without boasting unnecessarily. If you succeed in generating a favourable conversation, people will keep your name card. And that’s what one should after, because it means they are attracted to your business and chances are you will be contacted in the near future by them. 

That will work if you already have a position in a certain company. So how about recent graduates? Should a recent graduate make a name card? Yes, recent graduates definitely should make a name card. Why? Because it can help you to elevate your status and make yourself memorable in the eyes of your future employer, business partner, and even customer.  

Here are some recommendations for recent graduates to make a professional-looking name card. 

1. Hire a Designer to Customize Your Name Card 

Of course, you can design your own name card if you are good at design. But if you are not confident in designing things, it would be better if you hire a designer so that you will get the best result possible.