2. Put Your ‘Simple’ Contact Information Only 

Remember, your contact information is not your resume. You should never list your achievements on it since it will take up too much space. Only put your simple yet important contact information. It would be even better if you have a separate contact for work purposes and private purposes. Some contact information you could put on your name card Singapore

  • Full name. Write your full name and your degree to identify your qualification shortly. 
  • Your phone number and email address. This is how people can contact you for work, so make sure you put out your work email address and phone number. You certainly don’t want your private contact to be intruded by strangers even though they are your potential customer. 
  • Link to your portfolio or QR code. You can also put your LinkedIn profile or website to let people know your detailed qualification. 

3. Have a Professional Online Presence 

In this day and age, having an online presence is something inevitable. But make sure you have a professional online presence since companies and even individuals usually seek out one’s profile online. To create a professional online presence, here are some things to note: 

  • Use a professional email address. Never use an email address with a lot of pop culture references and unprofessional spelling such as strangerthingsdiehardfans@email.com. So, you are better to create a professional email address with your name in it. 
  • Tidy up your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and website. A messy and unorganized profile is unattractive. Also, make sure you always update your latest information on your profile.