3. Pick Good Materials 

The materials you can use vary, ranging from paper thickness or weight options, lamination options, and so on. Materials such as art cards, matt white offset, textured cards, and shimmering cards are the materials of choice that are usually used. You can also communicate your material choices. Printing services should give you a suggestion that is suitable for you.   

4. 2-Sided Printing 

Double-sided printing is a common feature that has been around for a long time on name cards. This also makes name cards special. On the one side, you can put essential information as previously mentioned. On the other side, you can place a design or a certain stroke line that represents you. You can also add a logo for your company or the organization you work for. That part of the card could be the mini portfolio that you can use. 

5. Design and Colouring 

Design and colour are the main components of anything, including the name card. The choice of design and colour makes something stand out more and more appealing to see. You can express anything, just be mindful that you have limited spaces on the name card. In addition, make sure you don't include colours that are too vibrant since they will be less appealing to the eye. Set the colour to CMYK with the K arranged to 100. 

Those are the tips that you can use when you want to make a name card Singapore. Easy right? Now is the time for you to create your own name card!