Make Sure Your Name Card Design is Print-Ready with These 3 Tips


If you are thinking about having a name card, you are probably aware that you will need to design it first and then print it. These two stages are critical for producing high-quality name cards. They balance each other, so make sure you put in the best effort in each stage of the name card creation process.


Let's begin by designing a name card before printing. You have the option of designing your own name card or hiring a graphic artist to do it for you. However, you must ensure that the template is ideal for high-quality printing in the end. There are a few aspects you should be aware of, which you can read about here:


1. Bleed Area

A bleed area should be included in the name card template to make trimming the card after printing simpler for the printing service. What exactly is a bleed area? The bleed area on a name card is the area along the edges or the frame of the card that is left blank in the design. This region should be included in the soft file for the name card template, but it will not appear in the final product. It would be easier to have a uniform stack of name cards with a bleed area.


2. Design Resolution

You must be able to ensure that you design in high resolution if you want a high-quality result.


It is important to ensure that the whole design of the name card, especially the images or graphics used in the design, is of high resolution. The perfect resolution for high-quality printing is 300 dots per inch.


A sharp and crisp name card can make you seem more professional and respectable, and it can help you make a better first impression. As a result, you must always remember to confirm the resolution of your template before moving on to the printing process.


3. Text 

The name card's content or text should ideally be closer to the middle of the card and not put scattered.


Even with the bleed area, avoid placing items too close to the edge because they may get trimmed. If you have to make text or other design features close to the edge, make sure there is enough distance between them and the bleed area so you don't have to think about them being cut away.


Having the name card's text closer to the middle helps it look clearer which makes it easy to read without straining people's eyes.


Once you have decided on a design for your name card, you will need to have it printed.


The best printing tip that can be provided is to really look for a name card printing service in Singapore that can offer the best service possible, so you can only get high-quality name cards from a reliable printing service like this.