This is also a famous and classic typeface. It is ideal for banners, posters, and advertising campaigns. Futura has a wide variety of shapes drawn from the circle, square, and triangle. If you want a style that looks modern and futuristic, try using this typeface. 


This is the highly recommended typeface. It’s mobile device friendly because it is easy to read on the screen. The shape is straight and unadorned. This is perfect if you want a simple but elegant look, it brings a neutral impression from people. 

Serif and Sans Serif 

These two typefaces are family font. This has a document look with a classic combination. The differences between them are Serif looks more traditional and has small strokes on the main part of the letter and Sans Serif looks more modern and doesn’t have small strokes. Both of the typefaces are legible to print.  

Finding the best typeface for your text absolutely not easy. There are a lot of options with the complexity of type which have their own advantages. The choice is in your hand, whether you want something more modern or classic. Also, consider the readability. Your text needs to look professional and easy to read.