Pre ink stamps have been a part of the office workspace ever since they were first introduced to the market and this fact comes off as no surprise to anyone and nor should it really. The reason for their use exceeding expectations and estimates is because they are a hassle and trouble-free alternative to our everyday stamping needs. Even though most people would think and suggest they know best with regards to how to use their pre ink stamps we are here to tell you that there is still more that you can do to make the most out of your own stamp: 
Use it as a thumb stamp: 
Here is something that the older gentlemen and ladies will relate to fondly; thumb impressions! In the time before biometric identification and fingerprint scanning, the single most secure and authentic way of getting someone's identity registered and having their approval for a document wasn't a signature but many a time their thumb impression. Even today in many situations thumb impressions or stamps are still used as the go method for registering attendance, endorsement, or simply gathering data. While pad stamps had the option of using it for a thumb impression this can become a problem for people using a pre ink one, right? Wrong! Simply remove the ink cartilage from the pre ink stamp, press the thumb on the ink and you're good to go!  
Custom make it: 
Although a stamp is a very special entity to an office and holds a great deal of importance to the owner it must be said that at times stamps can become a bit too boring. Almost all of them look the same, with the same robotic typewriter font and straight-lined writing. This doesn't have to be the case though. Nowadays anyone making a stamp has the option of custom creating their stamps into something unique and exciting. You don’t really need to go for the industry start parallel lines in the typewriter font, why not chose a circular pattern of words with a much more stylish font? There are literally so many options to choose from. 
Carry it around with you, as it doesn’t leak: 
Pad stamps and pre-ink stamps have a well-reported leaking problem which is why they are difficult to carry around with you. They can create quite a bit of a mess in your jacket's pocket or bag or wherever is it that you're trying to carry them. This problem doesn't occur with pre ink stamps as they don't have an ink cartilage that is prone to be exposed to the external environment until or unless you are trying to stamp. This makes them excellent for carrying around with you anywhere. 
Remove ink cartilage when you no longer plan to use it: 
One great piece of advice that anyone who uses a pre ink stamp will give is that you shouldn't remove and inset the ink cartilage of the pre ink stamp repeatedly for no purpose. This creates a problem for you in the future, defeats the purpose of having a pre ink stamp, and also increases the chances of creating a mess. Having said that if you no longer plan on using a certain stamp it is better that you remove the ink cartilage of the stamp to ensure you don't accidentally use it, who has the time and energy to read the backward writing at the bottom of the stamp anyways!