Rubber stamps can be made at home. You can start by carving it out a material. You can make your own self ink rubber stamp  with artistic designs. Making stamps at home can reduce the cost of stamps. This post tells you how to make rubber stamps at home. In this guide, we will be carving it on a potato. 

Select a Stamp You Can Design 

Make sample designs and shapes with detailed cuts. Your designs can be complex. 

  • Note that you can sketch out the design on paper first or cut it out. 
  • It is more difficult to cut curved designs or shapes than straight ones. 
  • Those starting out can use stars, block letters and triangles. 

Sketch Out the Image On an Eraser 

Since you are flipping your stamp to be able to paint, the last result is a reflected image of what is on stamp. Use a marker, pen or pencil to make this outline backwards on an eraser. 

  • Note that mirroring is essential if you are making use of letters or numbers. 
  • Make use of any size of the eraser or colour. You can cut a thicker eraser more efficiently. 

Transferring a Design To an Eraser 

i) Print or trace the design on a tracing paper. You can trace with hand using a permanent maker. 

ii) Turn it in such a way that you get a mirror image. 

iii) Hold the clear paper using the eraser or tape it. 

iv) Cut across the lines through the paper and transfer its outline to that eraser. 

Cut Off the Eraser Across the Design To Raise The Design 

Use a V-tool or a knife of X-Acto and cut away the spots in the eraser that's not relevant. Any part of the eraser that's up should be a part of the stamp. Shave away excesses. 

  • Cut it close to the stamp to get something more accurate. 
  • Glue this eraser on wood for more support. 
  • Apply paint or ink to the stamp and then press it upon a flat surface 
  • Ensure that you cut out the design properly and try it out. Brush a thin coat on top of the stamp or damp the stamp on top of the ink pad. Flip it above and line it up on your craft or paper, then some firm pressure. 
  • If the stamp is not making the image, recut and clean it off, then try it again. 
  • Check for spots where the colour showed up or smudge in a place you don't want.

Clean the Stamp With Baby Wipes 

Clean it to remove the carrier colour so as not to transfer it to the next project. Baby wipes contain lanolin and can moisturize rubber in a stamp, it can last longer. Wipe down any section of the stamp that has colour. 

i) Do not use anything that has colour on it, since it can dry it out. 

ii) Do not use the stamp cleaner on water and soap. If the colour is dried on, use a cleaner and toothbrush to remove . 

iii) Do not use alcohol for this. Dry the stamp out. When making the stamp, note these details above to make sure that you make an efficient rubber stamp. Rubber stamps are among the best stamps to make and use. This guide above will help you make a rubber at home.