This tutorial aims to create a fine business card with an abstract pattern in the GIMP image editing program. 

Step 1 

Before we start working in the GIMP, we download the "Majoram Serif" font from (© Neale Davidson, and install it on our computer. Then we start GIMP and create an 89 x 59 mm, transparent document with 300 PPI resolution (Ctrl + N). Now we go to View-> Show grid, we then edit this grid under Image-> Configure grid. 

Step 2 

With the path tool (B), we now draw the path shown in the picture. In the "Paths" window, we click on the highlighted symbol at the bottom of the control bar to select the path. Then we fill this selection with the fill tool (Shift + B) with the foreground color "black". With Shift + Ctrl + A, we cancel the selection again. 

Step 3 

We lower the opacity of this layer to 50%, and then we go to Layer -> Auto-Crop Layer. Then we duplicate this Layer via Layer -> Duplicate Layer and then go to Layer -> Transformation-> Flip Horizontal for the copy. With the Move Tool (M), we click on the duplicated Layer and move it to the right. To ensure that both levels fit together perfectly, we check the "Magnetic grid" option under View. 

Step 4 

Now we right-click on the top level and go to "Merge Down". Then we go to Layer -> Auto Crop for this Layer and then to Layer -> Duplicate Layer. Now we move the copy with the Move Tool (M) and make another copy until the picture looks like this: 

Step 5 

Now we duplicate and move the layers until the following picture is created. 

Step 6 

We duplicate the first Layer and click on it with the scale tool (Shift + T). Then we break the link between width and height and enter 15 mm for the height. We duplicate this new Layer and move it several times so that the following picture come up. 

Step 7 

We now right-click on the top level and go to "Merge Visible Levels". Then we duplicate the resulting Layer and mirror it vertically (Layer-> Transformation-> Mirror Vertical). We move the mirrored plane upwards. 

Step 8 

In the "Gradient" window and the "Gradient Editor," we now have to configure a gradient ourselves, which is a bit cumbersome. To do this, we first click the "Create a new image" button. Then we right-click on the marked bar and click on "Split segment in the middle".