Step 9 

We now select # FF6B00 as the foreground color and set the background color with # FFD05E. We now select the foreground or background color for the four-color stops. Then we move the two marked position controllers so that the course looks something like this. After we have assigned a new name to the history and saved it, we can use it. 

Step 10 

So that we only apply the gradient to the two levels. let's right-click on the top level and click on "Select from alpha channel". Then we apply the linear gradient with the Gradient Tool (L) from left to right. To keep our course straight, we hold down the Ctrl key. With Shift + Ctrl + A, we cancel the selection again. We repeat these steps for the lower level, too, so that our picture should look like this afterward. 

Step 11 

We fill a new layer with the fill tool (Shift + B) with color # 26587B. We move this level under the two previously edited levels. 

Step 12 

We apply a circular gradient from white (#FFFFFF) to transparent in another new layer above the background layer. To do this, we set white as the foreground color and select the gradient "VG to Transparent". We change the mode of the Layer to "Overlay" and reduce its opacity to 80%. 

Step 13 

For more depth, we now add an "Outer Glow" to the two orange layers. If you have not yet installed the "layerfx.scm" script on your computer, you can download it here free of charge and install it on your PC as indicated in the instructions. So we now go to Script-Fu-> Layer Effects-> Outer Glow and set the following values ​​there: 

Step 14 

With the text tool (T) and the font "Gill Sans MT Bold Italic," we now write our name on the informative business card with the following settings: 

Step 15 

We now write our company or job title and our contact details with the font "Marjoram Serif". 

Step 16 

In a new layer, "Circles," we draw various, 10 × 10 px large, elliptical selections, which we fill with white with the filling tool (Shift + B). Then we save everything and convert our RGB color space for printing into a CMYK color space.