Adobe Illustrator is among the best softwares you can use to make digital wallpapers. The software comes with various features. With this software you can make a seamless wallpaper illustration. Such wallpaper illustrations can be for various types of fabric or your walls. Using Adobe Illustrator involves some creativity. This post gives you the best techniques for making wallpapers with Adobe Illustrator. 

Creating the Working Area 

Creating the working area is a crucial step. You can set height and width accordingly, do this with round numbers. The working area could be 500 by 500 pixels for example. 

Setting Up Tools 

There are various ways to make a nice illustration with a seamless wallpaper. Use elements like triangles, squares, and circles or make butterflies, balloons etc. It depends on what you use. You can use Bamboo (Touch & Pen) for this illustration. This is affordable. First set up a tool for the illustration. There are tools for creating a floral background but you can use Partbrush Tool (B) by selecting it. 

  • Set up a Calligraphic Brush. 
  • Select New Brush from the 'Brush Panel'. 
  • When the window for New Brush opens, check type of 'Calligraphic Brush' and tap OK. You can scan through settings and make stroke lines. 
  • After the settings start making the background and start making floral elements in the left side, ensure the connection of the floral elements. 
  • You can group elements by tapping on Ctrl/Cmd+G. 
  • There is an empty space at the left upper corner.