Rubber stamps are a great tool of communication used by both individuals and businesses. Whether you use it for personal use or business activities, the good news is that you can learn how to make one for yourself. All you need to do is understand the manufacturing process of creating one and then make one yourself.  

To make a rubber stamp, you will need both materials (makeup of rubber stamp itself) and tools (things needed to be used in the production process). The materials you will need include wood, contact adhesive, laser cutter rubber, an inking pad, and varnish. With these materials, you need some tools to make it possible. The tools include a saw, sander or sandpaper, laser cutter, and lathe. If you have the materials ready, you can follow through with the steps below to make your rubber stamp. 

Start by designing your stamp. You will begin by having the idea of the stamp you want to create in mind. If you don't know how yours should look, I suggest you check other people's rubber stamps to have an idea. Whether it is a logo, few words, or a combination of both, you need to have the concept in mind. Then lift out the design from your heart. After designing the stamp, you will need to mirror it.  

Next, you will cut the stamp out. Begin by setting up the laser cutter and put the rubber in place to cut the stamp design. Ensure you get appropriate rubber for your laser cutter. Cut out the rubber stamp of correct depth to clearly show the details of the design. This is to have the best result from the rubber stamp. 

Next is to create a handle for your stamp. It would help if you had a handle to hold it firmly and make it easier to use. This is where the wood and the saw will be used. Cut out the wood and remove whatever will not make it fall into the right shape you want with a sander and saw. Use the lathe to shape the wooden handle in any shape you want. Then put a finishing touch to the handle. 

After this, you get the varnish ready to make the handle last enough. Next is to paint the handle with varnish. At the dry moment, then you can glue the stamp with the handle to make it look like the rubber stamp that it is. Use glue to connect the rubber with the handle and wait till it is well glued and dried before you think of testing it. 

Once it is dried, next is to get an inking pad of your desired color. The choice of color is essential depending on the stamp design and purpose. Blue and black colors are very common, but if you choose other colors that suit your purpose, please do. Then you can begin to use the pre ink rubber stamp. If you have followed through with the steps, share your experience.