The traditional wood rubber stamp sounds very outdated, especially with the existence of pre inked stamp and self inking stamp that is much more convenient and easier to use. While this might be true when speaking about the mechanics and convenience, it does not mean that the traditional rubber stamp should be forgotten solely for that reason. This type of stamp holds a certain uniqueness and give off a different appeal, that's why it is still quite popular and often demanded. 

Size Availability 

The traditional wood rubber stamp makes it possible for you to order a wide variety of stamps, ranging from the size 0.25 to 6 inches depending on your needs. Pre inked stamp or self inking stamp don't have this wide of a choice. The traditional rubber stamp is good if you need a smaller or bigger stamp compared to the average. 

Low Cost 

The traditional wood rubber stamp is cheaper than the self inking or pre inked stamp, making it possible for you to save up more money. Although it is less convenient, it can do a great job still, on par with a self inking stamp or a pre inked stamp. 

More Ink Option 

You can choose to use various inks for the traditional wood rubber stamp. You can choose to use inks that work on skin, fabric, or industrial surfaces as long as you can get a suitable ink pad. With the traditional wood rubber stamp, it is also easier to change the color of your impression whenever you want because it isn't pre loaded with ink. 

Those mentioned are several of the great qualities of a traditional wood rubber stamp. Next, let's learn about what good use it can be put into. 

Logo Stamping 

This is usually beneficial and needed around the office. Leaving the imprint of the company logo usually means authentication or authorization of the company upon something, usually a document. This is important because a document needs to be approved before it gets released. 

Signature Stamp 

A signature stamp is one of the creative ways you can do with a stamp in order to make it possible for us to work easier. Make your signature into a stamp so that you can sign documents quicker and easier, leaving the imprint of the perfect signature each time without fail. 

Seal Stamp 

Corporate seal that is used to notarize documents is ideally made with the traditional type of rubber stamp since the traditional rubber stamp is very easy to personalize, making it highly adjustable to the needs and wants of the requester according to their work circumstances. 


A traditional rubber stamp might be the most basic type of stamp, but it holds many great qualities and benefits that make it a rubber stamp that is always worth considering. It is highly adjustable and customizable according to anyone’s needs, and it comes with enough durability and capability to create high quality imprint as much as the self inking stamp and pre inking stamp can do.