We may hear about marketing and advertising a lot. That is probably what makes most of us, maybe including you, are familiar with both of these words. Even though most of us know about "marketing" and "advertising", do we understand each of the words? 

Becoming familiar and knowing about something is completely different from understanding. That is why there are still many misconceptions and people who got confused about the difference between marketing and advertising today. Some of them think that marketing and advertising are two of the same things. But in fact, no, they are not! 

So, to help you understand marketing and advertising, a few points below may help you not only to know but also understand why marketing and advertising are two different things!  

1. Definition 

Okay, so, let's get started with each definition of marketing and advertising first!   

What is marketing?  

Marketing is one of the familiar terms in business which means the process of persuading customers why they should buy or use your offer instead of others. That is why it is also a form of persuasive communication. To convince customers to choose a particular product or service, that is not an easy job. You need to define your offers, research potential markets and who is likely to buy your offer, make strategies and tactics for positioning your offer in the market, promoting it, and many more. 

And what about advertising? 

Advertising is not the same as marketing, but it is one of the functions of marketing! There are several functions in marketing that work together including product distribution, sales, market research, communications, public relations (PR), community participation, pricing, and of course advertising. Maybe because advertising is part of marketing, people have misconceptions about it. 

2. Responsibilities 

After a short explanation above, we have a little understanding of marketing and advertising. But now, let's see more differences between marketing and advertising based on their responsibilities. 

Responsibilities of marketing! 

There are some of the responsibilities of marketing, here are a few of them! 

  • To determine the most potential buyers, the marketer responsible for conducting research into the market. 
  • Marketers have a responsibility to persuade potential buyers to buy or use their offer. 
  • Delivering the result of the research to advertising and sales professional. 
  • Marketers are responsible for overseeing advertising and promotion. 
  • Create a detailed plan or strategy before marketing and promoting their offer or brand. 
  • And many more.  

Responsibilities of advertising! 

Actually, advertising is a way of communication that used to deliver marketing strategies to audiences. So, for advertising, the responsibilities can include.   

  • Advertisers are responsible for directing advertisements and promotional campaigns for companies or organizations.  
  • Deliver creative content or material. 
  • Together with graphic artists, writers, and other departments, work to execute the advertising plan.   
  • etc.   

3. Skills 

Actually, for marketing, they are more focused on the strategy of increasing the number of customers. That is why analytical, research, business and financial skills are essential to marketers. But in advertising, people try to create the most effective advertisements. So, creative, communication, and technical skills are needed for that!