Marketing Channel Alternatives for Effective Branding


Have you made a well-thought brand guideline? Then you are ready for the next step of branding in SingaporeWhat you have to do now is make the real branding effort and put your company out there for people to see.


In order to gain the recognition and awareness your business needs, you need to do a campaign in the right marketing channels. These days, there are so many different channels that you can choose from.


In order to know what are the available choices you have, read this article below.


1. Social Media

Social media marketing is most likely one of the most popular ways of promoting a business to gain brand awareness. So many people are active on social media these days, and as long as you know the right way of approaching them with this platform, you will be successful in no time. Social media is mostly free and not as costly as some other channels. What you have to focus on is creating good content and promote your own website through your profile for more brand awareness. It is also a great platform to connect with your potential customers and existing ones.


Advertising is also very much possible in social media. For this, you need to pay a certain amount of money. If you choose to advertise through social media, make sure that you track all the important traffic for great insight.


2. SEO

Search engine optimization is often regarded as the key marketing channel for all businesses these days. All kinds of businesses can benefit from implementing SEO strategies to gain more awareness and build a strong brand.


The focus of utilizing an SEO marketing channel is to make your website visible on Google's search engine result page to gain more clicks. It requires keyword research, content making, and great website building for this strategy to be optimal.


3. Public Relations

Even though digital marketing channels are often preferred these days, PR strategies still help a lot in gaining you positive publications that can also help with SEO and social media channels.


4. Video

Who has not been on YouTube these days? Many people use it and are active on the platform. As you know, YouTube allows advertisements to be shown to their free users. Of course, this can also be a great branding strategy. In fact, about 53 percent of people are more likely to interact with a brand once they have seen a video on YouTube, including advertisements shown there. So, what you need to do is make a great video both for content and ads that can entice people into your marketing and sales funnel. Not only that, but videos also help you showcase your product or services better than photos and words, which increases people's interests significantly.


So, which one do you think is the most suitable for your brand? You don't have to use them all, especially if the cost gets too high. Choose wisely and do your best for the marketing channel of your choice. Surely, you will get a satisfactory result.